Green Stripe

Testing Requirements


  • Dan-Gun Tul 

  • Free Sparring Pattern

Focus Pad Attack

  • Turning Kick (Perform 5 times with each foot beginning with right foot)

  • Sliding Back Fist (Perform 5 time with each hand beginning with the left hand)


Self Defense

  • Attack: Two-handed wrist grab in the downward position.

  • Release: Grab the right fist with the left hand as you curl the right arm upwards to the left (as you would curl a dumbbell) when your fist reaches your chest level throw both hands straight across your chest to the right, as fast and as strong as possible. Right punch to the attacker’s midsection. Grab the attacker behind the neck with the right hand, on his shoulder with the left hand and strike to his head with your right knee while pulling the head sharply downward.  


Board Breaking

  • Twisting Side Kick

Pattern and Testing Requirement Download